At Milneco Ltd. we take pride in finding the right solution for each one of our customers. “Premium soft serve” is a growing trend in the world of ice cream. The focus is on quality ingredients, interesting flavors and, last but not least, to create an “instagrammable” soft serve with innovative toppings and colorful combinations. Premium Soft Serve has become just as much a culinary creation as an addition for fun selfies and photos!

In order to help business owners learn more about Premium Soft Serve, Milneco Ltd. has created a service that can aid customers by offering the best and most suitable technological solutions along with creation of exclusive recipes, realization of food design concepts and consultancy for operations management.

Carpigiani provides a wide range of machines that can accommodate your business idea. Their equipment can produce an endless list of products, to start, Traditional Italian-style gelato, Classic American Ice Cream, the creamiest Soft Serve you have ever tasted and much more.

Take Your Soft Serve Machine To The Next Level

Your soft serve machine can be the source of 24 naturally delicious flavors of soft ice cream or yogurt or any soft frozen dessert, simply by adding the 24 Flavor System.

The 24 Flavor System allows the operator to transform vanilla soft serve, or soft frozen yogurt, into any one of 24 different flavors on a cone by cone basis. In other words, one customer can order a banana cone while the very next decides to have a strawberry one.

It’s like having twenty-four soft-serve machines all in a row!

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