Combistar FX is a flexible “cooking system” which satisfies many needs, such as speed, ease of use and ability to build profits. Thanks to its ACCESSORIES AND FUNCTIONS, the end result is superior gastronomic performance and quality.


When space in the kitchen is tight and meal quantities increase and when work flexibility is dictated by the contemporary use of two ovens or when you want to improve work conditions without revolutionizing the organization of the kitchen, simply STACK two Combistar FX ovens and your problems are solved. Combistar FX doubles your kitchen’s output without sacrificing space.


The Combistar FX is the right choice for every need, A large family consisting of thirty two models. Electric and Gas versions. Two different levels of setting up. Productivity range from 30 to 550 meals.

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Making a wide variety of meals is easier and more efficient. You can now cook anything you desire automatically, managing a complete menu without any problems, hassle or inefficiencies.


Producing a complete menu is easier and more cost-effective. Thanks to cutting edge technology, operators are able to effectively cook new and traditional courses, fusing imagination with a new level of cooking performance. Not only is the product quality and customer satisfaction enhanced, but time and energy is conserved without sacrificing spectacular results.


With the Combistar FX, creating and managing great quality and quantity of products is less complicated and therefore more profitable. The Combistar FX ensures precise and dynamic cooking regardless of which program is selected for execution.


Producing a variety of courses or specialty meals is easy and safe. Thanks to the innovative cooking interface, users are able to prepare meals manually or by program with efficiency and reliability. The Combistar FX not only reduces costs and cooking time, but does so without compromising product quality and taste.

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