Looking for a new idea for your business? Add Shakes to your menu!

The NEW 161 K SP is a compact, countertop, self-pasteurizing & single-phase machine for milkshakes that allows you to add milkshake production even when there is limited counter space available.


For maximum performance and personalization, the 161 K SP has a High-Efficiency helical beater and is gravity-fed with an 18-liter tank capacity. The machine’s 7-liter cylinder, much larger than that of a typical soft serve machine, is designed to accommodate the larger portions required by milkshakes.


Added Operational Benefits: The automatic self-pasteurization system allows you to choose when to wash the machine, up to a maximum 42 days.*** Consult Local Health Codes.

Performance and Quality Add Shakes to any location with this compact model. Superior performance compared to other machines in the same category. The H-O-T system allows users to set the desired consistency for classic milkshakes or creamy modern shakes.
The innovative direct-drive motor is the most silent in its class.

Convenience The user-friendly display is easy to use by novice operators. Audible Signal alerts when a refill is needed. Adjustable delivery flow to meet diverse volume & speed needs.

Savings Optimized Installation space, thanks to the vertical ventilation system making it possible to fit the machine beside other equipment. Single-phase machine makes it easy to fit into most locations.

Safety Heat treatment ensures the utmost hygiene. the shelf life of the liquid mix. Built-in memory provides pinpoint a diagnosis. The Tank Agitator prevents product stratification & improves heat exchange during Heat treatment.

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