Carpigiani Soft Serve Machines & Consulting

Carpigiani Soft Serve Machines – your ticket to creamy, delicious soft serve ice cream! Carpigiani machines are designed to churn out smooth and flavorful soft serve treats that will delight customers of all ages. Whether you’re looking to start an ice cream business or enhance your current offerings, Carpigiani machines are the perfect choice for creating irresistible frozen desserts.

Some initial questions to consider when choosing a soft serve machine.


  • Would you prefer to provide a single flavor or offer a choice of two flavors twisted together?


  • How many cones per day do you think you may sell?


  • Do you want a Gravity fed unit (offers a heavier or denser product, great if selling ice cream by weight) or with a Pump (offers a lighter and creamer product, uses 30-40% less product per cone)?


  • Do you want an Air or Water Cooled unit? (Certain machines are equipped with water cooling, providing a quieter operation and eliminating the emission of excess heat into the surrounding room.)


  • Heat Treat is now an offered feature with Carpigiani soft serve units. This option is ideal for customers seeking to use real dairy products. The machine conducts daily pasteurization of the product, extending its shelf life for up to 42 days before requiring a full cleaning cycle.